Integral Smile Digital Tooth Alignment

INTEGRAL SMILE is an aesthetically pleasing clear tray aligning system designed to straighten anterior teeth.

This allows patients the confidence to show off their smile during treatment. Using CAD/CAM software, we digitally set up and print 3D models with our Envisiontec Ortho Ultra 3SP 3D printer. The resulting product is an accurate close fitting clear tray alignment system.

This process is simple, just:
1. Send us a scan, model/s or impression/s
2. We’ll convert them to digital files (if needed)
3. Followed with the design of a clear tray series with attachments
4. You’ll receive a proof for Doctor’s approval
5. Upon approval, we print and fabricate the personalized series of Integral Smile trays for your patient

Call us if you have any questions so you can begin aligning their expectations with Integral Smile.

3D Printing

Using the Envisiontec Ultra 3SP digital printer we are able to print accurate dental and oralfacial models. This allows us to produce high quality dental prosthetics. Unlike other systems, the quality of our 3D printing eliminates stair-stepping for a closer fitting dental prosthesis.

Hybrid Denture

Conventional Denture

Cast Partial Denture

Milled Titanium Implant
Bar With Milled Metal
Substructure & Denture


We offer our expertise to General Dentists, Prosthodontists, Periodontists, & Oral Surgeons. Our trained technicians can assist your office with complicated treatment plans and advancing technologies.


At Integral Dental we are aware of the many procedures required when doing full mouth to partial rehabilitation. This is why we work closely with your office to obtain optimum results.


Each case is custom fabricated to our clients’ needs and desires. Our open communication allows us to create the highest quality Dentures and deliver on all our promises.


We manufacture Implant Hybrid Dentures, Milled Titanium Bars, Metal substructures (cast or milled), Over Dentures, Conventional Dentures, Cast Partial Dentures, Flexible Dentures, Flipper Dentures, Hard/Soft relines, and all repairs including Laser Welding.


All of our premium Teeth and Acrylics come from Europe and we guarantee from defects for 3 months.


We offer our expertise to General Dentists, Orthodontists, & Pediatric Dentists. Our trained technicians can assist your office with complicated treatment plans and advancing technologies.


Our Orthodontic Team caters a wide range of processes. From standard appliances to accepting Digital STL files/scanning, 3-D Printing, and our Integralign tooth aligning system.


Thanks to the evolution of technology, you’re only a call, click or email away. We custom fabricate and design all appliances for Doctors regardless of location.


It’s easy to offer impression free services to your patients today. Let our tech savvy technicians guide your office in learning the newest and easiest ways to get started.


We offer simple to advanced removable and fixed appliances, splints, night guards, functional and active orthodontic appliances.


All our Orthodontic appliances come with a standard 90 day workmanship and material guarantee as long as no alteration or modification has been performed by the Doctor’s office to the appliance.


Contact us about our appliance insurance program.

PFM Crowns

Gold Crown

Zirconia Crown

Crown & Bridge

We offer our expertise to General Dentists, Prosthodontists and Specialists. Our trained technicians can assist your office with standard to complicated treatment plans and advancing technologies.


New technology and materials have entered the dental market over the last few years. This has created some challenges in understanding the benefits available when switching from conventional to printed, laser sintered, and milled prosthetics.


Treatment planning and communication are an important part of the process that reflects the success of each case. We are confident in our services and continue to develop stronger relationships with our Doctors and their staff.


We take pride in all our work from individual teeth to full mouth cases. We use only top quality materials: Zirconia, EMax, Porcelain, and non and precious metals.


Our services include: PFM’s, Bridges, Veneers, Implants & Crowns, EMax, Milled Zirconia, Porcelain, Composite & PMMA Temporaries, and Surgical Guides.


We work with the best companies to ensure the highest quality prosthetics for your patients: Nobel, Straumann, Atlantis Dentsply, Vita.